Tonight’s rant: UK event ticket prices are too low

I have to agree with the general sentiments of the poster – keeping the price low does not enable organisers to provide a positive uplifting experience – I least weekend attended the birmingham bullrush which was a great event – although I’d have happily paid £30 for it to be in a more roomy environment which was slightly warmer.. Now Board in brum is a great venue if you wish to have a game with a few mates, but the fact that when there was a tournament on they still let in other players tells me their margins are very slim. I personally would love to attend an event that I could bring my wife to, alas doing it on the cheap or for the lowest price just means that it appears to outsiders that we are ashamed of our hobby.

Nick Williams

UK Kings of War events are too cheap, especially for weekend events.

I see event organisers reluctant to raise ticket prices past £30-£35. Even at £45, the Northern Kings GT stands out as one of the most expensive two day events this year.

“We have to keep things as cheap as possible because x, y or z” arguments are bollocks. I’m going to use the latest two day event I attended, the UK Masters at £30/ticket, to illustrate why. While a lot of the arguments are specifically around the latest Masters event, the same applies for all UK events.

Typical preface that I enjoyed the event despite the limitations caused by the ticket price being so low. The Kings of War community is generally really nice, and I had great opponents over the weekend. It’s always good seeing friends, and this one felt especially important in “getting the old gang…

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Published by Hysnap - Gamer and Mental Health sufferer

I created this blog as a place to discuss Mental health issues. I chose to include Music ,PC Gaming videos and more recently tabletop gaming as all of these have helped with the management of my Mental Health and I thought people who find the Blog for these may also find the Mental Health resources useful. I am aware that a lot of people with Mental Health concerns are not aware that this is what they have or how to go about getting help, I know I was one of these people for at least 10 years. Therefore if one person is helped by the content on my Blog, if one person discovers the blog and gets a better understanding of Mental Health through the videos I post, then all the work will have been worthwhile. If not.. well I am enjoying making the videos and writing the blog, and doing things I enjoy helps my mental health so call it a self serving therapy.

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