Hysnap – Music and Mental Health

I’ve decided to create this blog, as a place for useful Mental Health information, some comments on the management of my Mental Health, a place to share music that clicks with me, and hopefully potentially introduce some people to better mental health understanding and some interesting music, Oh and sorry to say there may also be some Maths and Politics.

About Hysnap

Me and My Beliefs

I am a long term mental health sufferer, who following a recent mental health crisis and treatment has regained a sense of balance.

I love music and often find it helps me manage my mental health, I also am interested in discovering new and engaging music.

I have found that engaging with online games has helped me and as such some of you will have encountered me in online games, and I welcome new people to say hi if you see me online.

I generally refer to myself as a Punk, as this is the music, people and ethos I have generally found myself most alike.

I also refer to my beliefs as Humanist, as again this best aligns with my view and beliefs.

I have also set up a JustGiving page to raise funds for Rethink Mental Health, in order to possibly help others. The QR Code below will take you to the Just Giving page.


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